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              ~~ Ben Franklin

firmed, and his warnings strengthened, "the amount of

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delivered on June 14th, in the Senate House, by Professoir

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Altona, and Nietleben, and also in a well at Altona ; in slop

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and character to the well-known extract of beef of Baron

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ptomaines, at another toxalbumoses, that are invoked to

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ti the angle of the mouth. There was no evidence of deeper disease in

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sides of the neck, and extending thence, with deepening of its shades,

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breech cases, when there is deliiy of the after-coming head, I have given

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Medical Officer for the Waltham District of the Melton Mowbray

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of an unusually rare occasion in which it would be applicable;

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is always of the same kind as that ingested in excess ; if it be glucose,

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ease, it has no connection with inflammation, being accompanied with

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Sttbjective Pains* — In a sense, all pains are subjective, for if by

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lating to systematic practical instruction in medicine, sur-

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space is the importance and urgency of the subject mooted.

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in every case our problem is to find what the afferent source of the

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ciation. The suiJeriDg and injustice to all concerned is but too ap-

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at tlie age of r>6. He was appointed Surgeon, May 27ih, 1859 : Staesurgeon,

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judge by physical signs, the disease was probably confined

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according to the predominance of one or the other element. This

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contributory, but it is the entrance into the biliary passages of micro-

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port of this view. The subject was important from the point

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is canvassing, then an honourable profession has reason to

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siderable polymorphism, of which two forms may be readily recognized,

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with Trophic Lesions of the Hand. Dr. Beevor ; Unusual

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although no diagnosis was made during the life of the

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lacci.n/'Oii. — In renly to a question from Mr. Hopwood as to the re-

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membrane of the nose is also dry, and thus abolishes the perception

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