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              ~~ Ben Franklin

ning a course of perhaps seven to ten da3rs, then termi-
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diet is chiefly vegetable. If we recollect rightly, pepper is used
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authorities, and of the public generally, of the danger to the
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THAT TIME the chorca returned/' Mayo, in his 'Outlines of
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a mouth-breather, will filter out ordinary amounts of
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June 1, 1861, p. 530, Mr. EiUis records a case of chorea in a gentleman, aged
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tive, having determined it so frequently by the most careful examination.
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thermometric indications is one of the proofs of the non-identity
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eligible, desires associate or partnership or oppor-
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into account, as in the allotment of space in barracks and other
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an hour, in muriatic acid, to which a few drops of nitric have been added;
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14. A Peculiar Form of Tnfaniik Convulsions. Mr. J. W. West, of Tun-
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advantage over the old plan of allowing them to come away by
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mtensely from rheumatism, which it was impossible to attribute to
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cases without obtaining any benefit, and think that the cases which presented
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every movement of the abdomen and the slightest touch extremely painful.
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Lameness. — Several cases of scrofulous inflammation of the joints occur-
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inlet in a room assures more or less movement of the air
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side of the river, where a larger amount of sunshine will be
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two lines broad, by four, eight, ten, or twelve in length. The edges of the
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temporal bone it became more widely separated, and the hemorrhage from
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nourished, was affected with the movements. After the use of
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On October the 23rd, he came back to London. Had been goirig
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from the facts already known. They establish, first, that even the most deli-
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three fingers behind the symphisis, partly to detach the placenta, he ruptured
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G. Burrows, M.D., F.R.S., Presidens of the Medical Council.
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Art. XIX. — ./? Practical Treatise on the Human Teeth: showins; the causes of
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accompany meningitiB^ cerebral hsemorrliage, encephalitiB^ senile
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is speaking correctly, and free from sympathetic nervousness on the point of
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recent preparations as well official as otherwise, such as the
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and that he vomited bloody matters. On September 22, 1865, he was
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on until the substance is nearly dissipated, when the crystals will gene-
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the statements made by various writers, that one seventh of the

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