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              ~~ Ben Franklin

thickness and then nailing on or setting in end pieces

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to think that a simple dressing is all that he needs. And

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by diarrhea a large number of the cases of diarrhea in

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the naso labial and of the tongue. In one case Buzzard found the

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but they were not sufficient for his faults if faults

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death is optional. In Scotland the j ractitioner is

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the dull area in front the breathing is tubular and vocal reso

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The premonitory diarrhoea and the diarrhoea which often ushers in

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elements and Babes found a coccus. to O.SfJt which he cultivated

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present will more than sustain the enviable reputa

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November and continue until the first of March ensuing.

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fare child psychology and school hygiene. Public health problems concerning impor

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and there is nothing to prevent the house drains from

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finally iDcnetrate into the salivary glands but the process is undoubt


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of in the rectum due to the erysipelatous infiltration remaining

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the pointed extremity of the parasite. The body measures

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i ruling out everything which is not entirely new. In

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evidence but judging from the experience of the medical clinic of the Johns

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fections very often determine the issue of the primary disease. The

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pressure tubing to a suitable needle the whole apparatus being sterile and

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space of four or five days together and it will do him

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ening of the body in general or particularly of the

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dressing. The lateral projections of the blank were

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them will be all that is necessary in many perplexing cases.

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in the local press for the undue severity of his methods

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commonly been seen by him had presented characteris

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they are required to perform. See Tables of Organization Jl ar

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If the ordinary progressive muscular atrophy is a polio

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What then is its explanation and how can it be avoided It was

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to the conviction that in all treatment of nervous troubles edu

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right eye has become converted into a caseous mass. In

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i. A considerable number of the children born in our workhouses

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character of one of his medical brethren. We knew little or nothing of

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been subject to occasional headache constipation and slight dyspepsia.

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A thin compress wrung very dry out of ice water is best

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On the Third Stage of Labor. Dr. Simon Baeuch read a

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cession. The one remedy that proved of real value was mercury in the

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the dilated and partially paralyzed abdominal vessels as well

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Spasmodic croup Called sometimes Lairyngismvs Stridulus.

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