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function of a medical society is to gather together and
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called primary. If properly treated and cured in season the consti
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aimed at great accuracy of descri gt tion and the most
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injurious. It does not seem to me proper in these cases
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fibers must enter as well as leave the stalk. Anterior to figure
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liver. It is a secondary affection being the result of iuflamma
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without exception must be revaccinated. Prussia followed only one
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nective Tissue between Bladder and Kectum. A youth aged
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for the tubercle bacillus yet may also serve as a pathway of invasion.
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neurasthenia. Statements of this kind are of course
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Communications are invited from all pnrls of the world.
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healthy primipara of twenty three years and presented no apparent abnor
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the Ruhbing Sound. Crepitant Rales of Pleurisy. Persistence
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ful selection of highly virulent virus serum from hogs infected
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gations however of Gessard and others proved this blue
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tions by o erative measures for the symptoms not only continue but often
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an incision extending to the liver the danger arises as has been
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tellectual and social interests of the world were displayed
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cure may or may not be expected and in the former what
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mentations to the breast either of warm water or of some
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confidence. He may even feel around from one remedy to another.
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nervous prostration follows. Stimulants are indicated depletion is con
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effects. It is hard to believe but it is true. On the
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great majority of cases little influence appears to be exerted upon the
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Dr. Hibbard of Indiana ofiTered the following resolution con
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into his ordinary state with a few and comparatively slight fits
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saturate the soil of a semi circle extending fifteen
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symptoms of inflammation described under Burns also result from

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