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looked to, hospital clothing will often be missing.
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of the most useful and most accessible materials for preparing them
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ing, he may be confident that he is not in a healthy
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As a consequence of such inflammation the caliber^of the bile-
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the lesion itself, where we have means adapted to it, and of
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characterized by an outpouring of a ^dscid and milky discharge.
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nal muscles. No tenderness in lower region. By making a
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' The blood examined for ammonia by Kuehne'it method fjave negative results. The
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examination, was in the ovarian veins, and I have demonstrated it
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muscle-girt gland-orifice through which this secretion is poured
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on the last page, this little book of 80 pages, in clear type and bound
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the gradation of subjects, from the rudiments of the science
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life, should the child successfully struggle up through its
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these two factors on different parts of the surface, it is usually possible
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water by means of wells, which necessitated the building of
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at the margins of the affected areas of the process of destruction going
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universal compulsory military training. So far as the medical
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in connection with this event, was known, he said, to those dwel-
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difficult. If in such a patient a chronic tubercular lesion be known, the
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What, however, we may and must ask of the doctor who has
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how, when, and where cases of these diseases are occurring.
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if traumatism is ever the cause of general paresis, such a causal
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of the cases was at the following ages: five between the ages of 10
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* The typhiu of pigs is termed "soldier** in Ireland, owing to the intense redness
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Tuberculosis Demonstration on the ground that it was a
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plete ? Does the fracture involve the soft parts in the vicinity of the
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one case of fluor albus ; and two cases of scrofula.
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Art. 231. — On the Systematic ExaminaHoji of the Abdomen, toith a
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cipes, which, no doubt, were very valuable; but I did
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part of mankind suffer more or less frequently, about
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that these liquors will not produce intoxication, though taken to the extent of a
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The reader has in the foregoing paragraphs, the most common
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has been adduced as to their acting as exciting causes.
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speaking of the many virtues and miraculous powers of
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the reduction in the frequency of the pulse, the occurrence of sweating, or the
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Overdosage: Immediately hospitalize patient suspected of having taken an
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ing in mice which corresponded to those Dr. Rachford
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saucers. The syphilis cultures were destroyed in thirty

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