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scalp, and the hair and nails are unaffected In some places the eruption
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Kec, N. ¥., 1898., liii, 154-156.— Brnns (P.) Zur Aether-
The reeulte of the autopsy in this case are interesting, for in the great proportion of
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Total sulplialea, by weighing as BaSOi after the usual manner.
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tion had the same volume as the right, but tlie fold
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small. Febrile movement does not belong to the history of the disease ;
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could not be infected with L. donovani, while they were susceptible to infections
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brane, projecting freely forwards and terminating in a bifid
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finds access to animals by way of the gastro-intestinal tract from infected
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than its component parts in any combination in which he has
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therefore these attitudes should be practiced as much as
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affection. That is a very suggestive point, suggestive that there must
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Early attempts at CT antiotomography were unsatisfac-
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All of which amounts to just this : that the horse is an
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agglutinated coils of intestine and the fibrinous partition
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book on obstetrics and other recognized authorities on this sub-
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Substitutes for Human Teeth. Introduction of Porcelain for Arti-
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what is felt as the apex-beat may not be produced by the protrusion into
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If the husband be rendered incapable of paying the debt through a
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organs are attached, and because the general mass of
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sprinkled with oil of turpentine, should be applied to the abdomen.
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tion. It may be asked if it is possible to prevent septic in-
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In cases of more than ordinary violence, however, we may be called
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had just taken an enema, he was seized with pain in
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cases and deaths from contagious diseases reported to tl'.
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of the volume of transactions in search of the information and
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Dr. Wood, I tested a number of injected cases after the lapse of
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solved ; yet there are forms not only of eye and skin disease but of
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albumin, the authors have held to the view that the enzym is of the
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10. Describe any of the several dislocations of the elbow-joint,
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instructing and leading the latter. That there are con-
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A patient with a localized pneumothorax may recover. In fact, it was
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■with full lips and an elastic skin — it is capable of being employed with safety;
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nose, throat, and conjunctiva, which theory I am forced
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realize his own responsibility and is thoroughly satisfied if he brings the
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fact to practical account in treatment. Acne may be
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had immediately before been drawn from a stream unques-
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some form of combination or other does exist normally in minute quan-
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sciously calls into play other muscles, generally those of the forearm. In
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