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              ~~ Ben Franklin

regions Ehrlich suggests that it may be necessary to

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to a measure which restored medical men to a political

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satisfactory the little patient passing a great number of lumbrici

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published.so that arrangements may bo made for.special meetings

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form of hysteria. Nevertheless I am inclined to be

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the last two years of a college course and believed

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ing until an acme is reached and suddenly passing ofT. This is

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Braun Offerhaus and Hartel and especially his experi

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all impurities of the water both chemical and microbial

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semi ansesthcsia so as to produce a diminution of the

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signs the left kidney was much affected nephrectomy revealed atrophy of the organ.

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sac was almost entirely closed by lymph so that the fluid could

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practicallv ceased and the patient expressed a feel

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A Paper presented to the Wisconsin Association of Veterinary Graduates. July

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consult the Solicitors of the General Council and if con

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ball are not in equilibrium and certain muscles are short

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these various visceral manifestations are caused by the gonococcal infec

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Two intranasal bars. which lie on either side O f the nasal

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A point of special interest was the totally different character

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and each cowkeeper is required to give fourteen days notice

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instantly removed the articular surface completely from the

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ligature round the penis or by stricture of the urethra.

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how to preserve its intricate mechanism from harm. Such a child

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country at least on the labours of such men asPringle Lind Blane

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new lione beneatli the periosteum the direction of the

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vessel. Compression or dilatation thrombi which are caused by

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fection and secondary pyelitis through catheteriza

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enced eye they would be as diagnostic of this disease as

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