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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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BLACK EYE. A blow over or near the eye is liable to
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of the tissues with the spoon and then to inject resorcin
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of Cincinnati in which a palpator of measured resistance is used. A
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case of hernia in the child associated with ectopic
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variola or pocca. This Mr. Moore believes to be the earliest
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making the least movement the dyspnoea is so great that he cannot lie
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of all the secretions as far as possible when ordinary
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The remainder of Dr. Roberts address was devoted to
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children who actually required trained medical guid
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in trichiniasis this is never present in typhoid fever. The Widal reac
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normal human serum the greatest number of leukocytes showing
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co exists with left hemiplegia it is generally only temporary
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or their vessels contain thin pale blood a ftequent oeeurmice in infants
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accordance with the recognized ethical code of the medical profes
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no anophelines even after most diligent search have
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has been given to the newer things developed in the last
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During the st and nd weeks of the disease erythrocytes are
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corpuscles which could be readily squeezed out from it..
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other affections. He felt they were only just beginning to
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removed in a state of laxity measured two and a half inches. The
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They are all good not the least useful being the outline
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But it is a volume of great interest and value to per
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The presumption of death in cases where exact knowl
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torations. This alarmed the parents and medical aid was asked
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fucceeds. Which thus refemble the cold and hot fit of an in
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conclusion that the alterations are functional. The variable reactions and
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disagreeable. Surface of skin covered with a clammy sweat
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muscles. In such cases we must recall the character

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