Detrol Ud

              ~~ Ben Franklin

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1820, he was elected physician to the Northampton In-
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progress of a case of phthisis, or in diagnosis of tu-
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tions have been further received on behalf of the above Fund: —
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five to ten gi-ains. As an outward application, the
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infant will bear the application of one or two leeches with
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limited to the external phenomena, we are sufficiently
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December 2nd : examiners. Dr. Acland, Dr. Chambers,
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carefully removed. Other imperfections, as scratches,
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" Vital and Economical Statistics of the Hospitals,
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St. George's Hospital, and spent very nearly double
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influence of pressure, whether it be produced by the
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sion of our printed literature, comes the subject of
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hydi'ochloric acid of 1-12 specific gravity and one part
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stands convicted of something very like what he him-
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subject I am about to bring before you and them of sufficient im-
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enic as well as medicinal treatment, so as to improve
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Saturday St. Thomas's, 1 p.m.— St. Bartholomew's, 1.30 p.m. —
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arm ; I being led to show the suj^ine position only in
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other ways. A short time after this, she became in-
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capacity is either positively or relatively too small to
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material of which the British army is composed ; but
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salt, and are thus rendered more apt to dissolve the
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compulsory legislation, the great object would be ef-
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asked the next question, viz. : — " Now, assuming it to
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be ever reprinted separately. It would not be easy to imagine
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similar description, accompanied with severe dyspncea,
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Wrestiiore, John, Esq., Surgeon, aged 74, on January 18.
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was appointed by the Societe Medico-Psychologique de Paris to
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numerous here, that we are apt to get tired of them.
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hyperhidrosis treated with detrol
tion of the instruments which I never contemplated.
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drinking, and ever since had been the cause of great
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acted upon the portio dura. In this case, as well as in No.
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White Sti'ellings, hy M. Lisfranc. — The " Gazette Medicale" re-
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Marshall; Dr. Haurison: Pr. Durrant ; Dr. Barclay; The
what is the price of detrol
d. The bridges of skin lo be drawn over the perforation.

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