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              ~~ Ben Franklin

than substances in solution. The emulsified substances are deposited
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changes as clearly as the skin, which is manifest by
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be regarded as of germ origin. The intermittent destruction of
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circumstances it develops late, and frequently follows hydrothorax, on account
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the commencement of this attack I proposed to her vinegar, as a remedy
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mastication should be permitted until the beginning of the sixth week.
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dislodge it ; when once grasped in the forceps it was easily with-
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Awarded Gold Medal at XVIIth International Congress of Medicine,
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tion, when injected under the skin of animals, it is immediately fatal."
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specimen which I have to submit to the notice of the society consists of
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whole, or in their distribution, records itself on the skin.
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German literature furnishes articles by Billroth, Ruecker,
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of the stomach, intestines, and liver, as well as general venous
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described under blood examinations. Its use has been suggested as a test for
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the tubule, as such, ceases to exist, or remains only as a space in the
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of the cortical lesion, or only an indirect or dynamic influence on sensory
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ent disease has been a source of worry to him since
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dered of chlorate of potassium, chloride of iron, and gly-
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has done .so much to humanizi' war, to make iif it a perfected
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school girls up to fifteen years of age with inflammation about the vulva.
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most studies were selected to reject those with bone defects
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Haly Abbas, in one of his treatises, speaks of Hip-
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and left hemiplegia in Mills' case, in which the cerebellum, pons, and
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portions: phosphate of lime, 10.9 grammes; phosphate of magnesia, 7 deci-
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their benefit. Instead of walking into the examining room
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amongst thom being the fact that the proteins present are partially
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sharp reaction or acute pain. It may be complicated by gangrene and
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the inhabitants of the two regions was that those upon the hills
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Moeli and Marinesco, in an exhaufstive paper (32), in which they
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tion it separately. I should like to ask also the Doctor's expe-
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after subsidence ol the acute attack, the frequent occurrence of hy-
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a transverse lesion of the cord, and in this case consist in anaesthesias
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diagnosis was almost impossible before there was evidence of
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eases of the alimentary tract; the anatomy and physiology of the stomach and
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the recorded cases ; but I see no reason in this instance to regard
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of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1814. The reader is
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previous occasions. Gleets lasting a year and a half at
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A few months after the policies were completed Rainforth pretended to
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" Hammersehlasr refers to twentv-six vaginal Cesarean sec-

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