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              ~~ Ben Franklin

the rectum. Those who advocate the removal of but when the disease has become constitutional, the
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Howard and Perkins could find no bacteria in the lesions they examined
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Attfleld's Chemistry. Bristowe's Practice of Medicine. Druitt's
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was thought that the abdominal tumor might be a tuberculous mass
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the ointment, was in contact with the ulcerated edges only.
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comes home he finds his wife in bed, and sends for the doctor. The family phy-
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Dec. so, 1829. — Examination of J. R. J. R. was a mao o{ an un-
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McCann showed a specimen of this rare condition removed by abdominal
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first contact with the children of his employer on the next day;
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slow in mental development, with difficulty m spe king, trem
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duty. The most popular example of an ill-made and un-
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The didactic lecture, quiz, laboratory and clinic, each has its
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•ould be no lead in the air of the room ; and coupling their results with the
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The following are examples of these methods of designating sue
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of connective tissue stretching between the muscular fibers, or larger,
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tion, yet if the volume of water be at all considerable, its high
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disordered processes in the cerebrum ; or (&) difficulty in understanding
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In New York the first law on the subject was passed
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others even when more exposed, and I am sure we could all furnish
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Prof. Liston made this discovery in 1843. Prof. Curling attributes the
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Ear, nose and throat: Dr. Lewis Fisher, Dr. A. Spencer Kaufman,
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is the method recommended by Messrs. Arloing, Gornevin, and'
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hospitals the cases are not analyzed according to the day of begin-
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These cases are usually pyemic in a strict sense, as they exhibit secondary
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substance left after evaporation was dissolved in water and submitted to Pet-
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of fresh, pure air, so as to secure thorough ventilation (»f the

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