Adme Clonidine

              ~~ Ben Franklin

fotie raisonnante is perhaps the best told and most instructive.

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has been appointed to the Army Medical Staif at the War Oflice.

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long as the nerves have hot undergone fatty degeneration and

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The undermentioned gentlemen have leave of absence as specified :—

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rtuation oftlPonl^ ''^ growth ought to be removed. The

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By Henry Power, MB , and Leonard W. Sedgwick, M.D. London ; The

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justified because some doubt that even if the obstruction is

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in the future. As to assistance at operations, the Board was

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sory notification is in force in the district, but no hospital exists, nor arc

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The meeting was attended by Drs. AVallhridge, Williams,

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in summer ; and if, as must be expected, manufactories and industries

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on the principle that a theory of heredity which shall enable

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arthritic eases were probably due to trophic changes, not

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1892.)— If the object of this little work was to present the sub-

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cases among 600, a case mortality of 0.5 per cent. That milk

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Precautions at the Viltette Slaughterhouse. — Students' Ball.

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Grays. Perhaps in no other part of Scotland could the life of

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them from the debilitating influence of malaria; always remembering

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athletic field in connection with the University of Edinburgh.

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advocate treatment by opium or enemata ; the most useful

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•so completely retire within himself that the consciousness of

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are severe. In Sydenham's time it was persistently mild.

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days, and the other died also of rabies on the twenty-second

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afterwards. Before leaving I instructed the nurse to syringe

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opened by Dr. Meredith. Members desirous of bringing forwai'd com-

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bite were registered — rather the contrary. It is alleged that

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tract, and referred to the difliculties of ascertaining j the

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ence of tlie cell theory in all brandies of science, and alluded

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cluded tjO in London, ii in Blanchestor. o in \A'est Ham, 2 in Liverpool, 2

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The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Edinburgh have awarded

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averaged 1.9 in the thirty-two provincial towns. No fatal case of any

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account of his researches on the vernix caseosa covering on

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