~~ Ben Franklin

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moved. The resulting haemorrhage was treated with tampons

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prepared by distillation of quinine orcinchonine and

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tubes and some adherent intestines filled Douglas pouch to which

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elevation of the bodily temperature. It is a late appearing develop

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man shall have invented means of calling down rain at will

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speech may coexist with deafness. There can be no doubt that

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affection returns with its former severity years after it had disappeared.

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ment in weak ftomachs contribute to this effect or is it to be

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affairs. Here it seems that few have the time or the inclination

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friends. At the time mentioned February th cases of this fearfully

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less distant date continued treatment prevention of

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oblique sections of the oculomotor nerve may be observed distal

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medical specialties and where our primary goal was to obtain

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oxygen be transformed into oxybutyric acid with an inter

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such applicant has completed a minimum of years course

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ing them aside as if they were false or valueless. For

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was to support the following inferences. I. When diphtheria breaks

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cause a great deal of trouble. We know that myomatous tumors

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indication that a record registration will attend. Plans for

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to give in detail the application of measurement I have

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by the introduction of new methods and the basis of all these

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Restoration of strength after disease or great fatigue.

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the notice sent last week of the award of this prize

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cluded about fourteen ventricular contractions. At cer

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constantly and improved steadily in general health. The weight has held stead

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epileptic do not point so much then to an individual

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In closing I wish to mention one other experiment conducted

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quently seen coursing across their surface. The pos

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stic et le traitement des ruptures de la rate a propos d un

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red colour was not homogeneous but exhibited particles of some de

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should get on upland farms at an early period those who prof

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them an improvement Dr. Allis thought it would be well

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shows how in the elbow as in other joints as a rule muscular

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