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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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the rat and mouse on a peculiar round celled tumor of

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immediately before use. The stain may be placed over

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mixture is carried speedily into the intestines to feed and at

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we feel that we can safely assert without fear of contra

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nective Tissue. By Harry H. Gcr need of more systematic more orderly

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of Ireland used to do on fair days. The schoolmaster s

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Otomycosis in the Tropics. H. Campbell Highet believes

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The Prescribed Dose produces a feeling of buoyancy removing depres

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A review of these hog cholera investigations has been made at

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secrets tact tried in a thousand embarrassments and what are more

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cases of loose kidney perhaps in my practice are not

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will lie varied. When the gaseous effusion is owiug

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agitation in the city concerning the economics of medi

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the supervention of soreness of the mouth and all such pa

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careous degeneration. In this case dilatation would precede

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work of others. On the other hand the work is an attempt

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should be the duty and the effort of the veterinary colleges to meet

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cream the finely divided butter fat is united in masses con

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dying in the practice of a general practitioner is af

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The entire side of the head was acutely sensitive to the

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she menstruated her first free menstrual period for four years.

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apparatus is covered with felt to prevent the radiation

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alphabetically arranged with brief explanatory remarks. Quarto.

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of blood. Of these twenty six cultures the highest single

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that judging from the general condition of the patient

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The bowels should be kept freely open and the skin kept in the

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legal point of view for your patient might fall into

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sihtis which happened to be reported by the doctors interviewed

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ized by marked deficiency not only of the red corpuscles but

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percalciuria in patients in whom hyperparathyroidism

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In Littell s Genealogies of the Passaic Valley is the

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separated from the chest wall. When the arm is moved forward into the

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