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              ~~ Ben Franklin

to find out just what things are really tasted in eating and

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taxes to pay no military enrollments no quarters to find for soldiers.

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kind of story suture. The tube of a fountain syringe

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the inner outer anterior and posterior aspects. The ver

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stiff feet they can only take quite short steps their

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absurdities of his dress l.y the badness of his dietary and by

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subcutaneous fistula. Nevertheless it is necessary to prevent air

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the medulla. In other groups of animals however these two are more or

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cholera and dysentery. To prevent the spread of these

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Chart IV. Blood Count in Pneumonia and Comparative Mortality. Continu

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physician fish with sharp edged spines near the tail etc. It has been

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suffering from certain organic diseases affecting inter

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Evacuation seems to have relieved him although improvement is

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margin of the growth of a young agar culture about eighteen hours

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tive and plastic surgery. A subdivision in the dispensary has been established

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subject the two methods have agreed widrin per cent in twenty one

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tation resembles sighing it is called by some Stupi

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of blood by the use of leeches to its more expeditious abstraction by

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or else abnormal activity of the emunctories whose waste

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ily and in some places were seen to be prolonged towards the

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Hendon disease and reconciles the conflicting views.

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a manual of value for practitioner and student alike. In

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from Kansas City is opened travellers can go direct

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the bile passes into the intestines is obstructed and it is

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hammer finger in addition to Dupuy tren contractions the two fingers

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but in the later Btages diarrhoea often dysenteric in

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sity in liquid state almost same as that of alcohol

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the tunica vaginalis with the exception of that portion

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the thorough study of such a book. The author says that there

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