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has regularly resulted in the development of the manifestations of

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Lawrence and Mr. Garnock of the Computer Services Divi

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Roy Lee Moodie Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Anatomy

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lies. He was appointed lately Professor of Anatomy to the College

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serve as food for occasional parasitic and pathogenic

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chlorotic or anaemic origin. Cardiac disturbances that are dependent

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with the liquid the balance of the strip is wrapped around the toe.

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grade changes is one of the most striking features of the

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distributed to various structures are known such as vasomotor

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by the frostbite than the right hand and that gradually

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Three were treated successfully two with arsenic oue with

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cept. Granted l Ut tliere were some unusual circum

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restoration of heat and strength. Iler lips and face were

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with gastric ulcer ovariotomy and abscess of the liver each cases and with

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at a time when objective alterations in the eye can not be demonstrated.

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Descrip. The root is creeping the stalk is ridp ed and

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Osseovs tunwT Exostosis. A tumor of a bony character

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thus indicating that the strains used by Dr. Bell for obtaining these

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