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              ~~ Ben Franklin

upper margin of the patella, with loops on either side of that
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teaciiinij tliat the woman should l>e allowed to remain
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ducing air and tube frictioB murmur. Tidal air in health is only heard in in-
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question necessarily suggests itself, whether the surgeon ought
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but there is often a distressing sense of restlessness and tingling in the
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understand it. Diphtheria is a severe inflammation and fibrinous
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ity, ligation can be more easily accomplished and there is less dan-
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my limited experience as a laparotomist, because it seems
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nutrition of the abnormal state of the circulation. Doubtless, as in other
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4itely ; each one, in fact, indicates to some extent an inherent pecuUarity
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purin metabolism in gout deserve mention. The particular attention
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pain at the base of the brain, increasing deafness, re-
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galie des Menschen. Arch. f. Hyg,, Miiiichen ii. Leipz.,
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a rational basis for splenectomy in these splenomegalic conditions.
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being in the trachea, operation is to be done piomptly,
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Skiagrams illustrating the Treatment of Two Cases of Non-
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inated by the urine. In affections of the genito-urinary
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fourth table the cases are arranged according to the day of
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dent marriages. If a girl remains single till twenty-four, she
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matter to the effused fluid, and leads to the disintegra-
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The reader is referred to Dr. Harlan's work in this
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Although any chloride deficit is generally mild and usually does not require specific treatment except under
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got rid of by intubation. Intubation practically ac-
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must be restored to its proper position and fastened in place.
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wound and opening them slightly. If the edges are not stuck to-
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tion, which is rare in childhood, only fourteen cases
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among 1,036 pigs which were under 16 weeks old and which
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As ascertaining the prevailing diathesis of any particular period Appears
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In the majority of cases the mind is unaflcctcd. Slight passive delirium
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pains, but it seems strange, unless the nerves were
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3 points. When a variation did occur, in some cases, the carbon dioxid

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