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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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The report next deals with the various duties the nurse may be

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gation. He is now able to evacuate the bladder completely by a good stream.

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typhoid or other infectious fevers, dwell in precisely the same manner

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ous vessels and thus diminishes the amount of blood in the cerebral

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that Pancoast excelled. It was wonderful how he could use

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comparatively rarely, disintegrate, causing excavations or perforation.

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which, acute tubercular meningitis, has been previously described, while

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in adults than in children, though the symptoms are far from character-

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May 17th.— Patient feeling much better. Temperature at 8 a.m., 101°.

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tissue elements being more than naturally pigmented, though this may

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followed by an active congestion, and may eventuate in stagnation of

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cal science, can any of the recognized symptoms of the iiarticular

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against future deformity and stiff joints, and that is, the immedi-

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not sufficient, the hot-air bath may be resorted to twice or thrice a

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man and as well to the military soldier. ^Fedieal students in

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times, if not the chiefest, and its devastations among the armies were

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be distinguished from rheumatism in connection with the consideration

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the year, tliiis tlic i)reseiit epidemic raged most intensely in Europe

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experiments on trephined rabbits* demonstrate that the nerves supply-

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many of them. Among twenty-eight institutions visited by the author

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to another, to see who dicl get better from lying in soda water or

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establishment of a muscular capacity superior to that shown by the

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membrane of any part of the body (lips, tongue, conjunctivae, vulva, or

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" resting after the bath, " which they have derived from their experience

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ties, and so should its source, the cow, in all of its environ-

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from the sucking of tracheotomy-tubes, (h) Bi/ inhalhi;/ the air sur-

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4.92; theine, 3.20; tannin, 10.64; total nitrogen, 5.99.

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from the sputum. They are never present in any other disease. Pfeiffer

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supported by a wooden frame and horizontal board. This bath is, like

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seas early in the war with the rank of C'apt^iin, has received pro-

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an irritation, accompanied by dilatation of the cutaneous capillaries

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mechanism by which afferent impulses arising in the skin or elsewhere

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