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              ~~ Ben Franklin

in Chicago and the Middle West, and will receive subscriptions and advertisements at


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In the section of obstetrics and gynaecology. Professor

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diameter, and its other qualities, but not to any increase of

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the shade. This, indeed, is the case even in the summer months,

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ford a complete and thorough course of professional train-

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symptom. One of the last cases of tabes that he had

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It would seem that every tyro imagines that surgery offers the quickest

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dents, fellows-in-training, physician assistants, nurses,

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dislocations of the femur outside of his own practice in Erie

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light upon them. Such we find to be the character of Dr.

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Remarks. — This case is interesting for the number of

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A National Health Organization Wanted. — At a meeting of

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tion and coryza of measles, with the inflammation of the fauces

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heart, thence to the lungs and left side of the heart, and from

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terest in the matter taken by the younger men, nota-

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sults of two seasons are averaged. The lines for the dif-

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peare, divided the life of man into seven stages, holding that the

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(The weight of the liver after incision was fifty-four and a half ounces.) A

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organization has the indorsement of the National Humane Society, with

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from food proteins is easily believable. When, however, after a fort-

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my attention, of diseases of the eye which have been treated

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could he decide whether the fat originated in contusions of the

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First, determine exactly in your own mind the kind of

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held there firmly with thumb and forefinger of the left hand, after

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and Dietetic Preparations, etc. Ninth edition, revised. In one very thick octavo volume, oi

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is a subject which has repeatedly been discussed by eminent statis-

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Spirits ether nit. is given. She becomes violent, rushes about the

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mended by Marc See. It is the only method which fulfils the

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of the lenses on account of high myopia. The patient is a Jewess ;

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previously suffered from er^'thema. No direct exi)osure to

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