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              ~~ Ben Franklin


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ing the warmer season. The stable fly Stomoxys calcitrans is

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cerned in discovering incipient tuberculosis which

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of raw blood. It was a grateful cordial to Brooks Wilson and

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Discharged in twenty eight days readmitted fourteen days

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present the portrait to the Association. Applause.

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course in the cleanly conditions of an hospital than in the crowded and

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Cholerine is a mild form of cholera occurring during a cholera epidemic

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tion of abnormal ones. Opacity may be caused by the presence

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urine it was more highly colored. I became sick at my stomach

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As a sequel to articular rheumatism endocarditis is a more

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tions as an example of that disease and was as such dia

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the inflamed and painful parts muft be greatly fhaken

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these estimates to the faculty compensation data to

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conditions existed or were contemplated. Said President Boosevelt in

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physician as such can properly be said to have rank or title no

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Hospital South Australia where for some years Lindemann s operation

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vomiting has been so far controlled that cracked ice is

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or of the wrist joint nor has any material deformity

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similar in character has flowed from the vagina in female children

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the skin. It should then be removed the part dried and

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the scientific vindications of our theory and treatment of

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knees are often contused wounds. They may be lacerated too.

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the grave ten years and Marshall Hall was only ten years

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purpose of the operation but lead to a further deformity possibly

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There are then three chief views held as to just how

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This seems a small matter but in fact it is quite an important

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Contributions of various descriptions are invited. We

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effects but has a number of successes to its credit.

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initial symptoms of small pox the most characteristic headache being

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of the heart. The flatulence appeared very soon after eating

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As can be readily understood these curious atrophic muscular conditions

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toward the end of the eighteenth and beginning of the nineteenth cen

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ingly attached to the iliac fascia and projecting forward against

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substance is found to be composed of bony matter the epiphysis

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