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fibrillation or even persistent auricular fibrillation.

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The section on Chemical Examination forms one of the strongest

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Fourth Annual Report of the State Board of Health, Lunacy, and Charity of Massa-

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"Breakfast: 5 grm. (V 6 oz.) tea steeped in 200 c.c. (6% oz.) water; 150

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nerve trunk and its distribution. In poliomyelitis anterior, and

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possibly the same thing might have occurred to arteries and veins

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should be brought against us. Our Sentinel will not quit its post, even

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longation of the trypanosome-body into which daughter-

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Artillery Barracks, three miles distant, but continued to suficr. On

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having been cut after death, and a razor placed near the body, with the view of

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uri', rosulliii;; i-ithcr iVom overwork ami oxIiaiiMtioii, or rniiii tho

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pain in the back, which starts from a kypjiotic curve in the upper

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ted by Williams and Vogel. It is proved by a large mass of facts.

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he had found in a red turbid appearance in the urine when

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•view of restoring animation suspended by cold, but

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per 1,000 cubic feet. The gross tonnage of a vessel indicates her ac-

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From points as compared with lipes^ we paturally pro-

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they would like to have some information as to what

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ethnic identifiers from the censuses of 1960, 1970, and 1980

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Hooks for reviews, and all communications relating to the columns of the journal, should be

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point blank how much I would allow him of the fee if he would refer

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or ulceration of the tonsils, with fever. In this case the Mercury

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and soreness lingering around it, with general deinvssion and

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not the cause, the nature of the derangement is, I think, toler-

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80; no cough; no expectoration; lungs clear; weight 115

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The fourth paper was read by Dr. E. D. Fitch; subject:

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been met by the proposition, that animal electricity may

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needs to be discriminated from other abdominal timiors. For example,

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my office fee at $3. If you have a destitute patient, a note

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Attention lias been called to the influence of inher-

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