Trazodone Hypertention

              ~~ Ben Franklin

diagnostic symptom. It may also occur during the fastigium, and par-

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of the dilatation ensuing upon cessation of the warm-water application,

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pulse and temperature are watched. With due regard to these pre-

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to accept the proposition that the bath influences favorably the local

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quinine in fifty per cent of the cases. The malarial cachexia of fur-

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eight cures and seven markedly improved, and only one failure.

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does not question it. 1 turned to obstetric writers, and found a

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(because the blood has not been exposed to the heat-lowering influence

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Osier, Wilson, and others at home. According to the warmest European

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results from hydrotherapy in many neuroses, especially in Chaves' dis-

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The influence of injections into the rectum and colon upon the

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reserve. Temperatures above 106° F. (41.1° C.) I would regard as

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turbance, and lasts about a fortnight. It appears only in the endemic

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nostic evidences of typhoid fever. Talamon ^ distinguishes these cases

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rare though they be, and exerts a psychical effect which is of some

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the individual. After all, the philosophy of existence, in one

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terest among both physicians and laymen in recent years.

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3. Intermediate or Mixed Cases. — A large proportion of neuras-

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In 1507 it Avas imported to America, and first appeared in the West

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the course of typhoid fever. Although most cases came in after the

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The recognition of the germ theory of disease, of the lower

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the Bicetre, and the skulls healing without enlargement show

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The lithium salts have long been recommended by Garrod

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as also the larger branches which pass through the skin, consist of

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and massage. If we may assume, for reasons already stated, that

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per person per year. Spain uses only a little over a pint, but

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ducing the secondary hemorrhage? Had the man's blood-

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clearing the tongue, when we have a red, clean, glazed tongue with

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wool clothing, good food, and an environment as nearly asep-

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August 20th. — The patient is up walking about the ward each day.

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the morning and eat their breakfast cold, probably bread,

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have some places with good accommodations at about two

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several items calling attention thereto, and we had thought to give

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carefully observed and guarded by frequent examination of the patient,

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the purest, and it should be the cheapest. Age regulates its

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not, even at this enlightened era of its existence, looked

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without treatment. But even in these cases the rapid improvement

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