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forceps the hepatic fold of the peritoneum was grasped and nicked all
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fell steadily as the weight increased. On the other
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Sanatoricm. A sanatorium for consumptive patients who have
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mittee of London Hospitals. This body as has already
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contained in benzoyl peroxid had some peculiar effect on the tissues
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administration. The section of the class assigned to the hospital was divided
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all the infectious diseases in relation to the welfare
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in that State and perhaps in other States during the coming year.
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had always been recognized as uneconomical but until adequate data were
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Diagnosis and Physical Signs. Inspection may show marked pulsation
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lady who dreaded mammary abscess much more than she
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results of treatment which may perhaps furnish the subject
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each occupant..At the end of each ward farthest from
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mained permanentlydissolved in the latter the undoubted cha
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Dear Sirs For more than two years ever since I took
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is dangerous after three or four days intervention is indicated.
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paration of diphtheria toxin and antitoxin he made important
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in young birds especially in those of highly bred varieties.
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must of necessity occur. The uterine contractions either change
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clover. His assistant Clayton made an excellent report on this
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attained. No amount of standardization would ever do away with
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Ergates. The dog distinguishes external objects from each
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also important to take these conditions into account
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rncnt of the department. The time requirement of not less
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and it repeals all contained in the Clark bill and the Phar
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teum a similar line is also to be observed on the surtace of
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ordinary atmospheric pressure at an altitude of about metres
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virulent during the febrile stage. For a certain period after
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secutive to wry neck hysterical muscular contraction as
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not communicate directly from the alimentary tract into
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excitement thus produced with the consequent congestion of the pelvic
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the emetic agaric. The edible can easily be distinguished by the

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