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              ~~ Ben Franklin

Prognosis.— Apart fi'om the complications, acute polyarticular rheumatism

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< Ernest Wasner and Obermeier regard hyperplasia of the pineal gland as essentially the same as a glic

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jESTIVO-AUTUMNAL parasites, free parasites and parasites distorted by

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The sera in question contain not only heterogeneous hemolysins but

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growth is first determined they should be immediately transferred to

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likely that either local or general treatment with culture pallida will

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alcoholismus. The former diseases assume a scorbutic character. Death

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comprises 68 cases, arranged according to the day of illness.

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hydrochloric acid or sulphuric acid, the antiseptic properties dis-

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among good men which unobtrusive merit and an upright course

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morrhage from the nose and gums was present in many cases, the

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exposure every day ; but we could not bring back the improvement, as

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sounds weak. The lower margin of the lungs showed no respiratory movement.

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siderable oommixture of venous with arterial blood, and yet the in-

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sition of its discoverer from that held by the true promoters of sci-

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The progressive loss of the respiratory reaction in pneumonia is

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The carotid blood, drawn 34 minutes after the injection, showed

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culture filtrate containing these deleterious substances in their max-

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ew were prolonged over a fortnight or three weeks. Examples

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len under his observation, M. Lasserre concludes, that cerebral apo-

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Dr. Smith cites the frequent cases in which the foetal limbs are

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Many physicians have said, that a fever is often to be cured by

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according to the method described in connection with making blood

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yielded very readily under the use of the acetate of lead.

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examined, it is not surprising that in a few individuals in whom no

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Evans, Bowman, and Winternitz (13) have recently used this method with

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