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              ~~ Ben Franklin

The difficulty encountered in effectively utilizing the immense resources

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movement he simply lies on his back atrophied and helpless.

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We cannot close wilhotit calling to the reader s attention

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personal supervision from actual apparatus living models and dissections on the

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epidemiologist at Camp Jackson was struck by the widely differing

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obtained is far removed from the position of a medical fact. Thus

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Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Minneapolis offers a

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customs of a primitive type prevailed. The one outgrowth

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also heralded the temporary demise of psychosurgery

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employed in agriculture or farmers servants are better fed

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Voted that a Committee of three be appointed from the

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repeated attempts had failed to obtain cultures of strepto

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I. Wardrobe a Candidate for the practice of physic amp Sur

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his cough lessened and expectoration was.more scanty

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had been vaccinated only died or per cent and both had been

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not so satisfactory as the process just described but less

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surface of nervous membrane laid out to receive the ultimate fila

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with diseases of bones or joints attended with sup

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ture may reach to. The highest temperature is on the

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The following scale of diets for working horses is arrived

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catalytic effect on nutrition through the vaso motor nervous system.

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daily concerts. Everybody goes to bed soon after a light

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with a contractured bladder no tumor calculus or foreign body being

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The book is very readable clear and well illustrated.

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woman who occupied the same room and bedstead that had been

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diseases we tend to put them down to the distorted fancy

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Among other cases M. Trousseau has treated in this manner

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aud the results were not always as good as represented. Dr.

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of an early operation greater than it would be in hospital practice If

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moscjuitoes could not become infected and malaria could not be trans

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obviously diseased they found suspicious looking rod like bodies

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rics. Methyl bromide was not used but formalin in glass ampules was

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pain even in cases in which it is not otherwise complained of.

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retroversion of the uterus which usually takes place about the

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