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              ~~ Ben Franklin

me to be decidedly open to suspicion. The supposedly charac
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whose sick bed a bulletin of health was received and read exhibiting so
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two hour tests a marked diuresis is noticed. The actual concentration
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abroad where for long periods they are placed in touch with
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physician in question was a drug addict or a convicted felon.
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formed. One mortgage of has been paid off and another
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before the annunciation of the subject of the next evening s dis
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the valves was ascertained by post viortern examina
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the practice of medicine was chiefly coufiued to the hands of
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carbohydrate in the diet on November and gm. of glycerol being added
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to use on hogs when being castrated or on very mangy
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extinct he wont for the police being under the impression that
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has lu en tried too seldom to speak of its value and indeed
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D. Purity. In previous experiments aimed at determining the
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symptoms having disappeared he will profess great surprise if he is
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is marked congestion parenchymatous degeneration and pigmentation.
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costal system of vessels has its bearing on all such cases and
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hours before the oficration small doses of morphia and chloral alternately
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In passive hypersemia stimulants may be given with bromide of potash
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In recording the cases an attempt where possible has been
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direct their medical officers to furnish to the health officers information
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On the introduction of a sound a stone was readily detect
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ction of the surface vessels whereby the good eEfccts
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reflex irritation then it is conservative treatment to take it away.
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duction here is that the crime of the self destroyer is not
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he tested their vitality and making use of the discovery of Viss
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affection. Few relapses are fatal although they are not infrequently
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As tliey were compelled to leave in the next train and I
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ordinary fine electric cautery point destroys too small an amount of
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