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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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It has always been the boast of the Journal tliat while advocating the

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ures of the disease as described by many writers are the

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small and the time of trial so limited that much stress can

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improved construction reduced cost greater knowlege of the laws of elec

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unless the inclemency of the weather makes this impos

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they be absorbed we have no evidence that they would produce

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anition under any system of artificial feeding unless re

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with a stimulus rather than injury to the cells of the intima and

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Even the opening of the larger bronchi does not result in collapse.

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Samuel Theobald M. D. Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology

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license of the Regents of the State University before

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the skin in general is the antecedent rather than a definite proclivity to

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faint shading has been observed. Nor do light adhesions appear to

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chirurgie M. Tanret stated that the name given by M. Boursier to his

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organisms are isolated by growing on glycerin agar and small patches

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worthy of imitation by those who are attempting to bring the

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and if it must be stored for emergencies the receptacles should be

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permitted however to indulge long in this melancholy

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grease helpeth the old pains contusions and wounds of

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dilute solution ten per cent.. It is agreeable non

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about fifty cases with these two drugs. Thirty of the

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tion of much delicacy. To bleed at the very outset in robust healthy

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successful and the Hunterian operation as you know it in surgery to

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drops of olein some crystals of margarin and a broumish masswhich was identical

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given in diminished dosea aaone rixteenth grain twice

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