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              ~~ Ben Franklin

any other, and he shows that it must have its own definite locality;

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huge bulging mass was felt occupying more or less the whole

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taken together almost certainly tell of brain tumors, but they do not

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fragment extending into the joint. The protruding end of

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of the feces consists of the bodies of dead bacteria. Strassberger has

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The ear, or the organ of hearing, is divisible into three parts, whose

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be shown by passing through excised portions first pure blood

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terstitial nephritis. I have shown in several published articles that in

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property, which is characteristic of tuberculosis, of producing an al-

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tumour, projecting from the occipital bone and pressing

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'various Faculties in the Uoiveisity shall assemble and be taught in such

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exercise, or even a full meal, when the range may be between 90 to

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therefore, that this urine is a possible source of the urea

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cacy of vaccination for small-pox, I should like to add my quota to

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the omissions are numerous. The lectures begin with a

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areas, of harsh bronchial breathing, with fine sibilant riles occurring

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larged middle spongy bone, or those in the space above the

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tendent registrar in each district. Well, it such a person

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vein above and below the wound, which was half an inch long,

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headquarters are still at Agra. The number of persons in-

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afliirs; Surgeon-Major S. Liitle, Bengal Establishment, Civil Surgeon of

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striate, and not curving over the ends of the fingers, as has beendescrilied

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.It;,;,: ... , i,i ^V'fa •: . lO! Wt'iw l.'Jiii •i\. \

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Every attack of rheumatic valvulitis, therefore, leaves its trace

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washing glasses, etc., is untrapped. The ventilation of tlie

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distended and the whole chest seems to contain too much air. The

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accurately locate in the heavens a great planet which neither he nor

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