Speman Cena

              ~~ Ben Franklin

and we are perhaps the better for them when they are well
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ounce doses of laudanum should be given several times a day mixed in
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curious to learn how many germs were necessary for it and espe
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of the figure of the eye it is stated that it is formed
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bin. Sur les caractei es distinctifs des herniea trangl es
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sores but there must be no inequalities where the extremity is
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tubercular pneumothorax was of necessity due to secondary invasion by
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and the dung and urine either stop altogether or the one is hard
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pressure was so far relieved by making an osteoplastic Hap and dural
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tricle close to the base and near the posterior intraventricular sulcus.
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part of the retina. The projection of the field of vision is
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and running water which furrow the broken stretch of land lying
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The evidence of these two cases and others reported with them has
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varied correlations can evidentlv render excellent service. As has
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not distinctly specified to be solid have been rejected from our
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ailing children in the Edinburgh schools there is even
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of every recruit. If during the rebellion those had been saved by
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seen in counting cells some spreads from non infected students
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vision of such wards in general hospitals is called
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right lung was consolidated and contained numerous gangrenous
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of old standing in several horses undergoing treatment in hospital for
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commission for the systematic study of insanity in all its forms
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between these processes and the margin. There are a few small cysts scattered
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call to mind a strikingly illustrative case iji which
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them to receh T e more than an average amount of blood
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ment is pushing Broach in the most favoured parts of the

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