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              ~~ Ben Franklin

distal to structures with relatively high attenuation. The
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ease hepatic cirrhosis arteriosclerosis etc. An error
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fluid to cling to. Under these circumstances the fall will
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and a tense globe its noi mal elasticity. I have never
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of Dr. J. Whitridge Williams from the Johna Hoplcim Hospital
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hypogastric region frequent desire to micturate both
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The slighter cases are not necessarily attended by lame
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been necessary to refuse many worthy applicants for admission owing
had thought to the ossification of the coronary arteries of the heart
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in the almshouse for at least six months during which
terectomy offered good results in the great majority of
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ing in the plantar cushion which makes the animal only slightly
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oped a hemorrhagic iritis and the other a marked circumcorneal injection of
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science at an earlier period in a very few years the
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sound or if the hand be placed on the corresponding part of the
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not possibly suffice for the body of an elephant the same principle
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hospital or infirmary may be many miles distant the most serious cases
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and contract this internal opening and perhaps impart to the pas
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mercury is mainly gathered in cases of laryngeal diphtheria and
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these causes are irritants or agents of an entirely different kind we shall
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from eight to ten m.inutes. The sores then decidedly
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months standing and on examination of the passages quantities of
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bronchopJtony can be heard. A distinct bruit synchronous with the
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a difficult diagnosis and so lighten the work of the practitioner.
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lung abscesses empyema and rarely in chronic phthisis with
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with him. We are also indebted to the Royal College of Surgeons
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but if we adduce the authority of Walter amp c. to support our
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in some instances seen by inspection. The cases seven in all presented
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state than if no treatment whatever had been employed. Indeed on this account
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failed to produce any physiological effect. I have
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from toluene as previously described gave a yellow substance which agreed in all
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slupox had subsided and the patient was restored to a normal
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in the Differential Diagnosis of Bladder and Kidney Affections with
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have been sent to any other periodical unless we are specially notified
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early stage of inflammatory diseases salines are often
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secretion takes place from the stomach without any necessary alteration of its mucous
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The mode of administration varies. That per the stomach

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