~~ Ben Franklin

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baking and it does have some body building value. We

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thre degrees for the average healthy urine of Americans.

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a hacking dry cough and sometimes signs chial secretion. Vomicants are to be

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negatives the possibility of the bone being broken. That does not

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we must aim at disinfection of the primary disease which is usually that

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committee provided the state of the funds admits. In

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A Laboratory Course in Bacteriology. For the Use of Medical

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axillary glands have become secondarily involved and when there are no

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though the infiltration and ecchymosis were followed

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opinion that thereafter the Bill be re drafted so as

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to remove at the same time an ovarian hematoma which would

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preceded by some warning sensations in an extremity.

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ment of the elasticity of the lungs and bronchial respiration and

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interaction between the bacilli and the immune substances has not

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to the work of the heart the observations which have been made upon

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gitis the direct structural results of the inflammation are the same and

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First Lieutenant Powell C. Fauntleroy Assistant Surgeon Fort

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been practically without influence. We have used the tincture


walls of the intestine and into the peritoneal cavity is inevitable

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tive. Chemical examination of the blood gave these results

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cessation of the pain is to be attributed to the punctures and

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