Sildalis Avis

              ~~ Ben Franklin

as to the honor and dignity of the profession, will hardly ad-

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Eemoval of the appendages does not stop their growth, electrolysis

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confirmed by Wolfenden and Karlbach, and did away with Gautier and

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removing oedema. Nothnagel says that in a few cases

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generative phenomena of this interesting group of animals.

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on the subject, but no further information could be

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by the laity. For instance, I notice that, in the year 1662, a

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In wounds about the face and scalp I am very fond of this

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Severe hemorrhage at time of accident. Two pints saline fluid injected

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as observed in different parts of the body. The same occurred in Case

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the earliest opportunity. We are then fortunate if circumstan-

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fiducial markers in place for later verification purpose. This procedure is performed

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ments or influences as will th|e better aid him to re-

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attack. It is often attended by contraction of the pupils ; occa-

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Reckzeh's (1902) work, based upon the study of ten cases in children, is

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volved, surgical wisdom and surgical judgment should guide the ac-


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number of bacteria that had gained entrance into the mouth, he found typical

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for, if they ever occur, it is so rarely that they do not deserve our con-

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with the usual complimentary votes, this short, though important, session was

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2d, Proper digestion ; 3d, Healthy formation of blood ; 4th, A certain

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half or one tablet three or four times daily. Tablets may

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are applicable to both those patients and families having short-

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adjustment in the fracture of the thigh. I suppose everybody is

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fluids of stomach or bowels. Prior to the last epidemic in Eng-

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patient was sixty-seven years of age, and when I saw her for the first

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Professor of Therapeutics, Hygiene, and Mental Diseases in the College of Phy-

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typhoid, the evidence of their distinctness was more

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Influence of Fever on the Course of the Disease. — The question

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customs, and myths. Rep. Brit. Ass. Adv. Sc., Loud.,

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Under the head of Typhoid Fever, the clinical differences will be

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