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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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repeat that the practising doctor I was first asked to meet in a

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month; if left longer than this, the risk of not succeeding is every day in-

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226 Dr. Harrison on Tubercles in the Air-cells of a Bird.

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bers, they have no case on hand to work up into the communi-

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taken, in my opinion it should be that of deepening the old

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with each case, something either in its general or special

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di corpo straniero (soheggia metallica) e di boiled' aria

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a hemorrhage. The hemorrhages and the blood-vessels are represented some-

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of a large number of pauper lunatics in Poor-houses. The num-

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measures 'permitted the pulse to subside. The infant recovered without

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Snow first called attention, that is, that the proportions of anes-

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which can be given to these patients with evident relief is often very

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infection: the analogy existing between certain forms of the animal

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sided. From increasing weakness he was obliged to give up work

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Our staff and administrator are best described as “guardians of the rank

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Properties.— A light yellow malleable metal ; slowly decomposes

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sive attack, which, according to the nurse in attendance, did not

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4. Grysez and Bernard: Compt. rend. Soc. de biol., 1912, 73, 387.

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Loreta's Operation; Gastro-enterostomy ; Recovery. — P. C, a

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from tissues rich in nuclein, such as the spleen pulp, and

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the localities in which it has been most frequently met with, and the

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Early in May, 1878, a slight relapse occurred, which was com-

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contents in early life ; for the same principles which

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The case was a very light one, but the fifth culture,

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2. Should it be treated by bloodletting ; and if so, to what

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peuplus (le la Gaule an temps <Ie C6sar; histoiie et an-

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slums of populous cities may perhaps require this ramming

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