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              ~~ Ben Franklin

towards helping to the desired end than all the remainder

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immediately commenced the operation and the patient scarcely lost a drc of

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tions in a word we must return to the practice of the ancients.

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influence of similar excitation that cornu contract

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tions with a shy and melancholy nature with weakness

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teen cases and not in a single case did the excision

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doctrines of the contagionists. They believe that the most

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has been so often confounded with hysteria and considered as

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the details of treatment which I had omitted or had

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squamous under the influence of desiccation and mechanical attrition.

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Austin Flint embodies his views in three propositions

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face of the brain without in every instance producing very con

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sequel to the inflammation are recorded by French writers. Thus Lere

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must come up laefore they could say it was distinctly healthy. In

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shin slightly and a few days afterward she was unable to

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world That with this large experience the author has never had an

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a blistered surface is productive of very striking curative power.

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men who go through college depending upon their own efforts for the

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inflorescence growing in damp shaded ravines along small streams at an altitude

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by Bremser and in the following year by Eendtorflf.

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velopment but that eventually through some cause or another they

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somnolent state continued for some time without any change and was less

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suspension of that muscular action necessary for the expulsion

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not tepid containing a spoonful of the sulphate and tift en

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only in such cases that nausea and vomiting as a premonitory symptom was

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chloroform is colored blue and the depth of the color

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the meningococcus culturally and in pathogenicity but showing differ

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pressed so as not to dull delicate tactile sensibility. The

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way along its planes. Here is an illustration of the one form

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chest and that the right side was considerably arched. There was dulness

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