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              ~~ Ben Franklin

on the cervix and pelvic floor on the patients enumerated
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to the corresponding text. The treatment prescribed in the nonoperative
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into five medical districts, "each district to contain three medical
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*" t-^/**""". -fterbirtLr^c i^„,rr-^"*^ <>■«««"•
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pression is the antithesis of activity, a totally different thing
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ence with staphylococcus septicemia in a large city
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with a Ave per cent Ilutten „T^^^ ITf" '"'*''' '^'•» ««•««»
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He founded the first medical journal in Cleveland; he was a con-
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psychotherapy and the surgeon's knife appeal more to the per-
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occasional cases of poisoning from this cause and the presence on the
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rhagic duodenitis has since been reported associated
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transient paralysis, as is the case in diphtheria, is due to the
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h, ^!!°f ' " •^"''"' » t^" t™ «PP«ed to a skin disease cauaed
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social functioning. Initially, the clinic seeks to pro-
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deferens in the male ; the corresponding procedure in the fe-
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tion, and “synthetic oil” from coal, and biologic,
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^f^Sr°or; ?^«°'°"«««««'""«rableandI.sH"jmeth:S
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physician graduating from our modern medical schools, where he
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part shall exclude from the herd used for producing certified milk and
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etc., for first aid should be applied for the expenses incurred
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lated" blood showed that the adrenals had been stimulated.
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had pressure in the rectum which was not relieved by enema. She vom-
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The following were appointed delegates to the meeting of the Ohio
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nated as probable sources of general infection, although Wick-
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great variation and that the physician as well as the patient must be
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ever, neither the editors nor the publishers nor the
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association during the acute stage has been maintained, by con-
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"the most mendacious and malicious of slanders that has ap-
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Being endowed with the property of enhancing calcium metabolism, be-
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Just as rapidly as women learn that their safety in child-
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Verruga Peruviana is a severe disease of parasitic origin endemic
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steps are short and mincing. In walking the patient rocks from
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(e) Any other points of construction or location insofar as these
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pharmacologic effects of themselves, Straub found that it modi-
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vh.]e one ia ri,oveUing it overi^„!^ \' P"" •"" «» floor^an",
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the. parotid, sufficient to aid in the clinical differentiation of these from
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FIGURE 1. Franz Kafka, author of Letters to Friends, Family,
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before traction and as to the per cent of occipitoposterior presentations
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while the blood pressure is rising, which means that the heart is
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Mechanical filters were first used principally by paper
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The chemical used for killing woodchucks, prairie dogs, go-
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condition is found in the left side, but it begins in the femoral and
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more rapid elimination of the drug when so given obviate keep-

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