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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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Ratio of mortality of scarlet fever per 10.000 of the population in Boston, for sixty-five years, 1840

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stamped out for the time being in that locality. That this was not due to a

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present series. There seems no question of their occurrence, although it

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have originated in the hospital. At the present time a dose of 500 units is

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frequency in the more severe and protracted cases of scarlet fever in which

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Attempts have been and are continually being made with various kinds of

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carry the spoon to the base of the tongue in such a manner that the epiglottis

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may be slight delirium toward the end of the first week. Usually on the fifth

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patient whose first s}Tnptom was a bone lesion, it is possible that typhoid

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was 35. The fact that all of these patients recovered is significant and justi-

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