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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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A common form of mental disturbance is an intense depression of

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exhibits. The mass of the people, however interested they may be in

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f^ly rich creun, which, .t « ten.per.tnre ofTd»^^M

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In response to invitation the Chancellor has appeared before the

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serted through an antecubital approach in 4 of more

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ยำปิูฃผย ผู้หฝิง rogaine regaine minoxidil 2

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tures are as follows: (1), Thyroid (including parathyroid) preparations,

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succeeded in lifting him out of his temporary gloom. Like

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attack and retard the fonnation of cataract. ™='"«7'raa«i

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to direct the attention of visitors at the time, but have little meaning in

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our modern means of diagnosis make this more apparent than

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cares and worries in the open air. This tonic seems to be in

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germicide, being in the latter respect 15 to 16 times as strong as phenol,

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through his initiative a large sum was secured for the advancement of

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to maintain the intracellular lime attracting lipoproteins, etc. Lastly, it

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1,394 have been identified; 295 were college graduates; 13 were

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the Head and the Face. Cloth, 575 pages, 271 figures, $6.00 net. Lea &

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of these two is the coefficient of distribution. Although this is fairly con-

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sense unimpaired; muscle sense perception well preserved;

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lesion known as the gumma, but also that there may be a diffuse

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18— Willard M. Fox, Pharmacy, 9702 Cedar Ave. S. E.

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of the impacted bowels, and in the latter from excessive straining

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leather-bound volume. Price $1.50 net. Lea & Febiger, publishers,

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Medical College, is pharmacologist consultant. The service is

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Parturient apoplexy, commonly out wrongly called "milk

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ers. XV, Governmental Study of Occupational Hygiene. XVI, Indus-

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J. L. Bubis presented the placenta of a case of hemorrhage from a

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6. Abraham. — Uber hysterische Traumzustande, Jahrbuch fur psychoana-

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edema of the right leg below the knee, and the presence on

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at all of things not related to medicine or who can write in lighter

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we find the entire ovum affected, both placenta and fetus be-

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(1) At first one finds a round spot on the mucous mem-

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