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patients to those suffering from fever during plain of illness with ulceration of the mucous

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to man." We have had "Natural Bonesetters," and there are

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animal experiment is of great value, it is not justifiable

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exhibition of stimulants, as well as of external applica-

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permanent suppression, although in the human subject such may cer-

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coaching, podium speaking, plus an opportunity to discuss with peers the issues facing

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Doctrines of vitality, the relations of physical phenomena to

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that the patient was not well, but he was considered in no immediate

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is a very light mortality among children under the age of

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from the axilla to the groin to join the external iliac.

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nostic worth. In tuberculosis it is apt to be dilated, often gaping, some-

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days the rapid soft pulse is replaced by a slowed and

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and approaching the crib you find the baby lying on

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Holder and Wallice succeeded in the same difficult task in England ; and

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head) we found greenish lymph over parts of both hemispheres adjoining the

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nutrition and the general health of the patient. While this is

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You are probably aware that belladonna is believed by many to

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consideration of moderately toxic and nontoxic goiters.

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maintain it or gradually increase the heat, will be of

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are the aflcrent sensory fi))rcs of miLsclc. It is, therefore, in all ])rob:xbility

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Scrofulous children and children of consumptive parents must on no

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the Diseases incident to that sex (London: Holland, 1724); William Giffard, Cases in

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nated prophylactically. If, after a few months, the

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likewise prove defective in nutriment, and thus it may, indirectly as it

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act to streptomycin with drug fever or skin rashes.

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