Calcitriol Verses Rocaltrol

              ~~ Ben Franklin

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small amount of remaining tissue by means of a large pair of
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G. P. writes : The following may interest some of your readers ; it proves
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Position in Surgery. Dr. Lloyd Smith and other members of the hospital
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to give me a piece of unasked advice. He said that, having
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appendix. Of this there was no evidence. Each successive
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He was aware that exceptions had been made in the case of
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chances of passing ; but as an undivided Bill of 500 clauses,
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Mr. Stone added many to his collection. Himself the pub-
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CITY OF SHEFFIELD.— Assistant Resident Medical Officer for the City
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parts. No other changes were detected on naked-eye examination. After
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with the best results. He thouglit the adhesion of the testicle
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mother of two children, besides which she had become
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larger than normal. I have not been able to hear of her
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unmarried ; doubly qualified. Salary, £.W per annum, with residence,
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was adopted at the instance of a deputation on which the
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their prices and makers, may be of use to intending pur-
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mannan County Councils decided that they would appoint a
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• ! ;,i • .. 1: ■ vii I . ._ ■ •( I.) VI '.ir
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the lowest death-rates in Derby, Huddersfield, and Halila.x, and the
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both cases the vessels were tied twice, and divided between,
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should be seconded, and the step filled up by a promotion as
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6. Serious difficulty and danger might also through
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evidence is adduced to support this thesis. To our mind it
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At present the whole question is being considered by a ■
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s§U, and. did not prevent him from again acquiring tubercu-
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ought to bear in mind the saying of a great master—" There
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London Post Graduate Course, Hospital {or the Paralysed and Epi-
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what similar kind, and referring to other aspects of the
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ration, rapid evacuation, by trochars of various size, sub-
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B. Cases which were sent to the consulting room to see the ',,
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At the Builders' Exhibition, Agricultural Hall, was exhibited
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Surgeon-Major-General is granted an extension for two years,
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process ; (2) that inhibition of the cervical or lower uterine
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tion from the adjacent small-pox ward. However, Halifax
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St. George's Hospi'al ; H J. PiekoriDg, St. Bartholomew's Hospital ;
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decomposition of the mucus necessarily follows, and this
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very tender. The temperature was 99.8°. and tlie boxvcls wrre moved
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with regard to the geographical distribution of leprosy in
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usually about two dioptres, but sometimes of a much greater
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than incorporated with the l^niversity. The other point
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medical charge of the station hospital at Poonamallee, is appointed to
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Bath and Bristol Bn.\Ncn.— The seventh ordinary meeting of the
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then a gradual return of the vomiting and afterwards of the
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alarming in extent, has compelled the authorities to forego
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statt's Jakreshericht. The index just published is one of sub-
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ing on the community the physical origin of a large propor-

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