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              ~~ Ben Franklin

that are interpreted and sometimes shown by our wounded
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accustomed to confide their lives to his skillful hand. He was obliged
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was for two years president of the Chicago Electrical Society; was
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rhous, in the breast ; large abscesses on the breast ; excessive
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Kellogg attributes not alone to personal skill, but in a
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lodged infecting foreign bodies derived from the clothes,
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doctor, she could surely claim for herself an inheritance
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KiiiL- I'urk anij \'accination, one on Veilow Fever, and
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cisco soon after his arrival ; later. Lecturer an Anatomy,
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morning until night in the great hospitals, and accom-
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It was the writer's pleasure to visit Dr. Stritlmatter's
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formulate new scientific theories, or to think and write abstractly
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line for a like period, but all to no avail. From the very consid-
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1885.] Muriate of Cocaine in Cataract Extraction. 73
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temperature normal ; same hot perspiration upon the surface.
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general health, though enfeebled, may be fairly good. The intel-
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problems of tenement house life, far more accurate and useful than
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after, and reported the headache cured after two weeks' use of
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striction or spasm at the internal or external ' os,' there was
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thopedic surgeon to that institution, in which capacity he has served
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sequences of this his own logic, which for years has been the
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During the passage she was married to one of the clergymen of the expedition,
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of State in England to reduce all the Plantations within
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pain in the groin low down on right side, with heaviness of
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We may now pause to observe, that under the combined influ-
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In the middle part, the external plantar describes a curve
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dulness and abstractedness of manner during this time ; also
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substance of the muscle (perhaps an alteration in the general state of the
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Saratoga, N.Y., was chosen on the first ballot, and by a large
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erable-looking physicians in attendance at the institute ; and he
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of mechanics ; and it does not fail to comply with those laws in
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twentieth year of life. The disease either may appear quite suddenly in a
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slightest doubt concerning them, then your curative measures,
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^ Village, 9th Ward, New York City, on November 6, 1836, and is
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This aperture is rounded or oval, sometimes blocked up by
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these two layers are parallel to each other, and are limited by perfectly straight
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"2. The disease is usually occasioned by the entrance of
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occiput (in some provers sharp pains darting down the spine).

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