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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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think you cannot fail to see, first, that there is sufficient

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Diagnosis.— Mfwitranoiw laryngHis may l>e mistaken for i_

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latent animal-virulent tubercle bacilli in normal human organs, but the

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be had. It is true that inducing abortion will give relief,

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The Value of Laparotomy in Suppurative Peritonitis.

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the rectum. Its use is not known. In many cases in middle

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neighboring schools. But the sentiment in favor of consolidation

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they have fairly heavy patient loads, patients frequently have to sched-

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12.0 mg; Peruvian Balsam, 180 mg: zinc oxide, 110.0 mg,

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from its capsule, with the cilia all round the body in

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When a thermometer-bulb is placed deeply in the axilla, the fold of the

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seed. In the substance of the Avails of the left ventricle of the

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serted, and the difficulty that the doctor experienced

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the question by acclamation, without previous close experiment and

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Case of separation of low er epiphysis of femur; gangrene ;

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officer of health do than we have done ? Birmingham is much

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form seizures. After redressing there were no further epileptic

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practically, commercial manufacturing establishments.

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did occur. But it was a disease of the greatest obstinacy,

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symptoms of cerebellar disease exclusively depend. This view receives

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be liberal ; and we should pay some respect to our brethren who

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tion equally, it is unattended with splenic enlagement, and is unaffected by

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had undergone considerable physical exertion in climbing a moun-

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It is to be remembered that vomiting in diphtheria tends to

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It flowers in June and July, in white umbel clusters, and bears

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line S^rup. — Bicarbonate of soda, § ss. ; simple syrup, ^viii. ; dose,

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tal letter should designate one author as correspondent and include his

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tilled with and coated externally by a species of fungus called

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and every public or private institution or dispensary in this

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children. This point has been emphasized by Sambon. 7 Our observa-

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figures presented to the Society, was fain, by a comparison of the thousand

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In our experiments it was found that there was a retardation of

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of indifferent bodies from the physical changes induced in the blood.

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Dr. J. N. Mackenzie, of Baltimore: In connection with the

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and flannel wrung out of ice-water may be applied around the neck, or an ice-

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in England," B. J. Derm. 1892.— 16. Gibney. "On the Histology and Pathology of

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The members of the Univei'sity who were entitled to

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for a quack electrical specialist. Fortunate will it be for

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What's life after Real Estate News ?

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