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              ~~ Ben Franklin

injured employe for payment, except that ordinarily
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greater part of the length of the cord, and the reaction is
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under the hand lying with the palm upwards ; in excision of
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which there is a noticeable amount of anesthesia, together
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Gayet, G.: Surgery of Penetrating Injuries of the Skull at the Front
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the insane long ago convinced me that there are few people who become insane
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this is a valuable substitute. For young children this is more particularly
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disease, in Brounwald E (ed) Heart Disease: A Textbook of
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marked or ophthalmoscopic or microscopic changes, ex-
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at the ankle, and then toes. It looks as if it would be
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been pushed with astonishing persistency and assurance, and as
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your habits at present, and have they always been sober and temperate?"
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one containing 13 grams in each 100 grams of ether.
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a soft clean cloth or gauze, and later with a soft toothbrush and
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A.M. one day without permission. Attendants searched for him for the follow-
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the features of structure of secreting glands. It is formed of
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desires exclusion of other children from home. June 7 : Parents not
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fleas taken from plague rats. In 1898 Simond showed that if a rat, dead of plague,
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His classification, which is largely a clinical one, is
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importance of the causal factors. The classification of chronic peritonitis
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the pons varolii, there was^r observed near its centre, a little to the right of the
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not only be generally used, but that it is the only safe and available anaesthetic.
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tificate of physical, chemical and natural studies is
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taken out without difficulty, stretched vigorously both in the central and peripheral direc-
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Nauheini : their Physiological and Therapeutical Effects, and their
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admitted to be true, it was not improper or disgraceful to
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and the final termination of this process. In fact it may be said that
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struck a mass of air of greater density and the ship has been veered
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not to be for evermore relegated to innocuous desuetude.
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thrombocytopenia and anemia, a careful review of the pe-
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cornual and abdominal pregnancies certainly occur, they
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The records of cases seen at the Dublin Hospital are given
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about and to continue his drinking. lie is in a dream-like, confused state,
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Gunshot Wounds of the Lung. By Pierre Duval (Surfjery,
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is necessary that the proper bacteria should be present in the culture

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