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of Philosophy in Biochemistry are Courses 301, 302, 303, and 304, or their equivalent,
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movements easier. — K.] Begular and persistent massage of the muscles is
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more or less clearly developed picture of Brown-Sequard's unilateral lesion.
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Atrophy and paresis of the muscles always go hand in hand. The same is
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[The voice is often affected; the patient talks in a high-pitched mono-
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milk, mt only do we use dairy pnbducts directly in such ways as these, we also use
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their professional education at any of the English Universities, and
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school and three years in the laboratory of a legally qualified pharma-
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somewhat more common in the male than in the female sex. Particular aeti-
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course ; Anatomy, 7i guineas ; Chemistry, 6^ guineas ; Library, parts
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This Progranaed Text outlines the concepts involving the formatior.
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lar masses of the trapezius and rhomboidei are crowded together and form a
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frequently the muscles innervated by the spinal accessory nerve (sterno-cleido-
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thorough examination of the eyes, in order to determine whether there is
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the skull, the purulent exudation is usually most abundant in the immediate
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symptom is slowly added to another, also give further ground for the opinion
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of Vermont. To prevent any misunderstanding with regard to the
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a. Be ^lung so that not over 1/4" clearance remains when closed,' ' . •
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Mackler, Saul, a, w, sp, Brooklyn, N.Y. S.B. (Columbia U.) '33.
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Edward Long Fox, M.B. Oxon., 1, Chesterfield -jjlace,
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10. Changes in the Cerebro-spinal Fluid.— In the cerebro-spinal fluid
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b. Pasteurization, Milk used In cheddar cheese may be pasteurized by heat in any
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and Clinical Medicine, Surgery and Clinical Surgery, Midwifery, Dis-
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and CHfensiYe Manufactures and Trades — the Removal of Nnisanoes ;
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Division, and is not more than twenty-two years of age, will be
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their fifteenth year on the preceding 1st of July, and those who
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stomach, intestine, kidney, and into the skin and muscles, have also been
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tions. Hypnosis has only the one great consequence, that it is artificially
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NewTork Neurological Society, and the American Academy of Medicine.
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Chandler, Edward, 7, Chester-2)lace, Kennington Gross. S.
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Pharmaceutical Licence : Matriculation fee, £1 4s. ; entrance fee, £4 ;
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ways. In particular, all movements of the trunk are greatly impeded. In
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1862 Garstang, Walter, M.D. St. Andrew's, Blaclchurn.
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Gk>ldBmith's Yicar of Wakefield, Shakespeare's Hamlet; French —
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at tlie Collie of Medicine, Newca8tle-npon-l>^e. Students do not
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of girdle sensation, absence of patellar reflex, slight disturbance of the bladder,
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lieve that the spleen and liver are also affected. The spleen appropriates the
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The aphasic disturbances thus far described all refer to the power of
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cluding all varieties of medical and surgical cases. The facilities for the study of Pathol-
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ium may be low or noisy ; the patient may keep up a constant singing, scream-
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of ten years' serrice. If he be unable to resume duty, as certified by a Board
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be expected. Nevertheless, occasional use of them may be made. Opium
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mens often have a specific gravity of 1.030 to 1.015, and even higher. In
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lower left-hand quadrants of each visual field. — K.]
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amounts of the hepatic parenchyma for examination during life, and found
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