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              ~~ Ben Franklin

blood can admit of very little doubt that gout and rheumatism

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exclusively to this magazine. We will send the writer

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mately enormous quantities may be needed to obtain the desired effect.

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with a bright scarlet erythema which was most intense upon

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bandage a stout elastic cord was twisted firmly round the limb above

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to find that double the amount of energy necessary for the

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scenes. Often it becomes of the utmost importance to

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contest for seats in the Council of the College of.Surgeons

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persons inoculated by Hartsock per cent showed no reaction

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first every to minutes but later at increasingly longer

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Should the infant escape it is apt to develop later on.

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the mortality to temperature rainfall elevation jiopulalion and urban

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eyes however only percent of the patients had symptoms of maladjustment

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D. C said that sanitarians had almost completely over

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classical way. Flaps of the slitted urethra after proper dissec

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of attending to the solicitations of nature so far as these evacuations

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lectual weakness and moral irresponsibility of those

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Progressive emaciation is always to be regarded with the greatest

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three persons accustomed to public speaking to address the

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or inflammatory deposit by a mass of dead membrane passing

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punctures in a vain attempt to withdraw or locate the

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liarly deadly enemy of the human race. The chance suc

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and called away to attend to his professional calls. The read

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mission of an impulse along an afferent neuron to an efferent vaso

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reaction the Loewi pupillary dilatation test etc. and finally metab

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and unless it grants to some citizen or physician or

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thinks he can make this measurement instantaneously.

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where the mischief had commenced. The femoral artery

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tendant upon the disease especially the painful degluti

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