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              ~~ Ben Franklin

ing as pneumonia. In some cases the vomiting was frequently re-

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pericorneal, perikeratic, which is around the cornea L

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ment ; and her children are all educated by the state for the protection

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preceded by violent rigors, occurred, that any improvement took

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cutaneous typhoidin reactions may be presumed to represent very

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some small focus of pneumonia, which was, perhaps, too deeply seated to

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must in the same manner prove the existence of disease or

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dry ether, the salt forms minute, flat needles which darken above

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of the right great toe followed. Then there was no pulse in the posterior

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pleural cavity, and bring about the permanent adhesion of the


is to be classed among the larger works on the subject. The book, as

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the esculent frog. [Transl. of 1878 f] <Am. J. Micr., N. Y., v. 6 (1), Jan.,

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2d. That it is caused by the absorption of putrid miasmatic emanations, and

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that a part of the non-medullated fibers in the tract of the cat


sleeper attempts to escape from some imaginary danger. Then he

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Impotence in women may be due to firm adhesions of the labia

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may stimulate increased activity of the kidneys. Indeed, the list of sub-

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Marie's description of acromJgalie was then quite unknown

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tell us so. This is the first and I believe the only in-

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at the age of fourteen. She had had antiluetic treatments

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hol. It presents an absolute contrast with the first,

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for their production. Thus, it was only a few seconds after the com-

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from acute obstniction for a week before the opera-

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simple regurgitation of food. Hysteria is a very common

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