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sample from the intake were B. venenosus B. fiuores

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broad ligaments the ovum may develop in the inclosed cel

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labia and often sticks them together. It is composed of epithelial cells pus

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doubt that this is a diflferent proposition than when warming tissue

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varicocele in the broad ligament and by which I have been


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tion disclosed a chronic thickening of the epididymis

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the right ankle joint. Completely healed on December th the same year.

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method answers excellently on the small scale with a column of mercury.

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form of multiple neuritis very prevalent in the West Indies which he

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Mrs K. a strong healthy somewhat stout primipara of was

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The history that of long standing dyspeptic symptoms

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Auscultation. The most important auscultatory sign is the occurrence of

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of separation. He continued the poultice this and the following

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for hydraulic and hydrostatic experiments on the circula

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necessary at present to discuss these views more fully I must content

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spiral bandage the surface of which is painted over with starch

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rather than a tubercular exudation was the result The structure of the

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It is therefore approximately thirty times as soluble in butter

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of mere coincidence. Their pathology is very obscure Dr. Ormerod

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capsule show large numbers of peculiar cells with small nuclei

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does not allow even an enumeration of the editors more than

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oblongata which when irritated excite the associated nervous fila

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mus is added to the patient s misery. The diarrhoea does

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the blackest gut or string is taken out in barley water

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the more active penetration of the infected area with body fluids

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There is a single report of a two year survival after

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thousand and abseuce of the uvula twice. The excessive

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state since July and his friends in the profession will re

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and upwards on the bifurcation of the trachea causing extreme dyspnoea

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made nearly if not quite self supporting. An element of gra

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disease and this part is the least satisfactory. In the early stages

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perhaps a little more to do with the subject of vac

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evaporation of perspiration. An abundance of cool water should be

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question as their own and raise their voice as one man against

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cooked and thoroughly masticated and insalivated. If

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