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              ~~ Ben Franklin

paper tracings. The clockwork operates at variable speeds permitting the taking of protracted

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the bones involved being superficial they lend themselves to visual and

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formed from the deuterogenetic region comprises the remainder of the

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dextrine and subsequently into sugar of second class or grape

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in glancing through the pamphlet of the preliminary an

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of the fatal cases the disease had existed in a severe

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off square and left open. The part above the middle

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tissue from its nature it is more easily made aseptic and

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accompany the attack. The condition may be momentary or continue for

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an hour. A hypodermic solution of adrenalin chloride should

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to be addressed to Mr. W. COWAN Buchanan Street Glasgow

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good effects of judicious repose. Life is carried on with a rush that

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The amount of urine passed is diminished during fever and

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irritation of the skin or the wound. When the caout

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larger and smaller droj s of fat many of them being com

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a seton through to the opening. In both respects we

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cause there is a bill now pending in the Legislature for New York

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and especially the mental relief are so great that they counter

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All of our strains and the control strain of Bact. pullorum usually

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the afternoon of May st saw the ceremonies attending

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Paget and Mr. Le Gros Clark. The tables of the library were covered

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and with horrible pain. It exists with or without myo

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there is extensive loss of tissue with resulting micro

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have been taken by Dr. Brown if instead of abettuig ilr.

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cules to form the urobilin complex. This process we have no means of

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AVhitridge Williams Obstetrics p. says if the mother

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hypersemia swelling of the ligamentous tissues and of effusion into the joint.

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permanent benefit from the operation. The exact time at which

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contents and as a result appear of a lighter color.

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The glands most frequently involved in Hodgkin s disease are found just

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the introduction and the gradual bringing into prac

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thought or that general deteriorated constitutional

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structures is still largely valid and the minimizing of heredity

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ly with the salt solution until the cylinder contains exactly

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