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              ~~ Ben Franklin

food eaten or drank such articles should be avoided.

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the official publication of the Division of Health.

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first is offered by some American physicians who fear

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the ordinary laborer of that time earned. Curiously

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the lower limbs. Upper limbs normal in quah y. He was

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eration of the entire posterior root zones of the lumbar enlargement of

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during life and he has made it the basis of an elabo

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endeavoured to get out of bed screamed loudly and complained

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small intestines or mesenteric glands and if the lumbar regions

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Pennsylvania Hospital in the place of Dr. Physick resigned.

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in whom Koeppen found this symptom were suffering from diarrhoea with

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jective and subjective signs. He asked whether the au

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in a patient suffering from the effect of excessive venery would prove a

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how to investigate the factors modifying the activity of the oi gans.

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The Home Secretary has appointed a committee to make special inqui

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sutures put on one broad circular strip of plaster and three

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represent white blood cells that are constantly escaping through the

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tient for the operating table. If all surgeons were

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is communicable by inoculation with the lymph of the vesi

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coming to Canada. He passed his examination before Drs.

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would permit we would prefer to treat of these affections

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certain which was intimated in writing to the authorities.

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served in them that can be regarded as uniform. Perhaps the most

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otomy she in competent hands is saved a long tedious exhausting

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lesion discoverable but the first sound at the apex is usually lacking in

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stationary during a long period and will all at once be

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matics Euclid first and second Books Arithmetic to the

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Vallin justly remarks of De la Croix s experiments

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Foster and facts further confirmed by actual practical experience.

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