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              ~~ Ben Franklin

Her husband was living for she was not in widow s weeds.

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free formaldehyde in an amount sufficient to be of any

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of this knowledge an extra expenditure of lives and

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the tumor. After three or four unsuccessful attempts in this

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approaching that of acetic acid. For the two typhoid cultures the

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disorders of sensation although the semi stupor which he was in may

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I must now show how the instrament is used in the diagnosis of

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altitudes of to metres in Peru both on mule back and on

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posterior surface and another about eight inches lower down. On

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ing them aside as if they were false or valueless. For

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the end as surely fail as the attempt to repress beer

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has had other attacks since without a displacement. This recur

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without removal of lesion as when we produce a reflex action. To day

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from one sixteenth to one fourth of an inch in diameter. Oc

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Had I reported the case to one of the medical journals

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The cerebral functions are commonly not impaired although the general

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forms of disease with which I have most frequently come in contact

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that this increase of the pituitary after thyroidectomy does not occur if

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The Johannesburg Hospital Board has decided to call

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ach is empty the patient feels quite well. The headache is very

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not be opened and that this suspension of exercises will be continued

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pearance of the tumor but sometimes even the strength

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about hours after I found her and post mortem examination

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abdominal aorta. Result Rupture of aorta ligated lived

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films seven men were inoculated and six showed after a period of

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of the diseased condition. In two of the cases there

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sphincter the prostatic urethra was douched and the

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mal salt solution effectively stimulates the peristalsis and

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a paresis of its walls or from some temporary obstruction at the arrrthra

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where it was formerly BO prevalent as well as in various

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turpentine and with smaller quantities of oil of tar

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durability are required. It is however very expensive

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