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pleted given in quantities that will maintain freedom from relax

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nized by all writers as the great cause of the autoge

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It is not always an easy task to nourish an infant properly

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virulent during the febrile stage. For a certain period after

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tion of nutrition without such changes of blood pressure

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and other parts of the body ANATOMICAL ACHROMATIC MICRO

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J. D. Windle reports a number of observations that have

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moving the dressing in a day or two the whole finger

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microscopic sections both of the tumour and of the surrounding

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and in America indicates that it is becoming a drink in many

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Scheff Herman David a w sp New York City. Columbia XL Senior C.

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pito mental is not the longest diameter of the head

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The reading of the minutes of the eighth annual meeting at Oswego

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functional and has not continued long enough to cause cfgaiMC

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further complications was made and the disease in question some

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consistence and of a dusky dead hue should be avoided and secondly

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the order named. Treatment is very important in modifying its

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whose sister also a leper died of yellow fever in Louisiana

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tensive ulceration and the formation of cavities within the lungs

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